It’s really quite simple to get started with us!

We accept seasonal clothing and accessories for women sizes 0 to 2X. The consignment period runs 60 days, and you receive 50% of the selling price. If this sounds good to you, here’s the next step:

Download Our Consignment Contract

  • Call 540.825.5533 for an appointment. You commit to the day but may come in anytime during our store hours.
  • Please inspect your clothing before coming in to make sure it’s clean and in good repair. Our customers are stylish and picky and only want items in excellent condition. We prefer the clothing on hangers (just wire, dry-cleaner ones are fine – we’ll switch them over to our hangers later) as it allows us to look through your items more easily.
  • Also, keep in mind that accessories are great sellers! Shoes, handbags, jewelry and scarves are popular and sell quickly.
  • If you are a new consignor, we will set up an account and contract when you arrive. We will inspect your items while you wait and return any items we feel will not sell in our store. You may choose to let us donate unaccepted items to a local charity.
  • Payment is made monthly, guaranteed available for pick up at the shop by the 10th of the month for the previous month’s sales. It is the consignor’s responsibility to check on your account.
  • Items that have not sold during the 60 day consignment period will be donated to a local charity unless the consignor comes in to reclaim their items within one week of the 60 days.
  • We will do our very best to keep your items safe and secure, but Persimmon LLC and its employees cannot be held responsible for loss of consigned items due to fire, theft, vandalism or natural disaster.
  • We look forward to consigning with you. Give us a call at 540.825.5533!